We will temporarily stop accepting orders for gold-plated products on March 11, 2022.
Due to the recent rise in the price of gold, the cost of production has increased dramatically and we are now in a very difficult situation. We have been making efforts to reduce costs and rationalize our operations to maintain production, but unfortunately, we are now in a situation where we are unable to produce plated products.

We apologize for any inconvenience this temporary suspension may cause to our customers, and we would appreciate your understanding.

List of discontinued models 
✧Saxophones Gold plated finish, Pink gold plated finish

✧Optional Necks Gold plated finish, Pink gold plated finish

✧Metal mouthpieces Gold plated finish, Pink gold plated finish

Period of suspension of orders for gold-plated products
✧March 11, 2022 - for the time being



The Yany BooStar Gold-plated & Pink gold-plated version has been launched!

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Finally Yany SIXS Baritone saxophone has been launched!

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The Saxophonist Magazine wrote a fantastic review about our products!

“The Yanagisawa WO10 saxophones are amazing. I found all of the models to perform with character, brilliance, and quality. Particular praise is being reserved for the soprano and alto models. The quality of construction is unlike anything I have seen on the market today, and the ergonomics made my acclimation to the instrument seamless. They produce beautifully rich tones that have flexibility and color. Pitch stability is the best I have experience without forcing the player into a singular sound.”


New Products Information!

Yanagisawa Baritone & Curved soprano WO series are available from October, check it out!


The long-awaited Soprano WO series, now available.



Yanagisawa optional necks for Alto and Tenor saxophone are renewed, and now available.
For details


We are reported that the counterfeit Yanagisawa saxophones are sold through the internet on the worldwide market. Some fake models are said “Yanagisawa Type” on the website, but others are sold as a genuine, and even it has been stamped “Yanagisawa JAPAN” & our logo on the bell. If you want to purchase Yanagisawa saxophone, please contact your local dealers, and beware not to be passed off these counterfeit models.


As the COVID-19 infection is spreading widely, we wash our hands and use sanitizers more often in our daily lives now.

Do sanitizers effect musical instruments?
How should we sanitize instruments?

To answer these questions, we opened a website in collaboration with our Japanese distributor Prima Gakki Co., Ltd..

Please access the link below;


We are pleased to announce that our Taiwanese distributor has been changed to "SaxPlayHouse薩克斯風玩家館" 

People in Taiwan will be able to purchase Yanagisawa saxophone soon.
We are sorry for making you wait for a long time.
Company Guide | YANAGISAWA Saxophones Official website


Yanagisawa saxophone was took up on the YouTube channel "Better Sax"
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We are pleased to announce that our new Chinese distributor has been decided on "Qing Ren Co., Ltd. "

People in China will be able to purchase Yanagisawa saxophone in the near future.
We are sorry for making you wait for a long time.


Ellipsos Quartet has joined the Yanagisawa family!

Quatuor Ellipsos|YANAGISAWA Saxophones Official website


JustKing Jones has joined the Yanagisawa family!


Yanagisawa artist Sandor Rigo has released new album LATIN AMERICAN DANCES in August.


Yanagisawa artist, Steve Slagle has released his new video “Warmin’ Up Cold Brook”

Composed and performed by Steve Slagle (S-WO37GP)
Filmed and produced by Youlian Avramov

Check it out!


Yahya Dai has been added to Yanagisawa artist, welcome!


Engin Recepoğulları from Turkey has been added to Yanagisawa artist, welcome!


Yanagisawa artist Shauli Einav has obtained the new horn, S-WO20 !


Elias Storme from Belgium has been added to the Yanagisawa artist, welcome!


Thomas Van Gelder from Belgium has been added to the Yanagisawa artist, welcome!


Jay Metcalf has joined the Yanagisawa family, welcome!


Bruce Williams was interviewed about Yanagisawa saxophone by Jay Metcalf (Better Sax)

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Dr. William Chien has been added to Yanagsiawa artists, welcome!


New Yanagsiawa artists Púrpura Pansa from Spain has been added, check it out!


New photos of Lakecia Benjamin arrived, cool!


Roberto Armocida has been added to Yanagisawa artists, welcome!


Yanagisawa artist Antonio Hart has performed at Taichung Jazz Festival in Ocotber 2019!


New Yanagiawa artist, JaeMoon Choi from South Korea has been added, welcome!


Lakecia Benjamin has joined Yanagisawa family, welcome!


New Yanagisawa artist from Uruguay, Ricardo Figueira has been added!


Yanagisawa artist, Mike DiRubbo has been featured on the DOWNBEAT March issue!


Yanagisawa artist in Latvia, Janis Danevics has released his new album “This Girl”
Check it out!


Rocco Ventrella from Italy has been added to Yanagisawa artist!


An Italian saxophone player Isabella Fabbri has been added to Yanagisawa artist page.
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Yanagisawa artist Mike Casey is featured on HuffPost, check it out!


Kevin Ling in Hong Kong has been added to Yanagisawa artist


Downbeat premieres Yanagisawa artist Mike Casey's new track 'West End', the first single from his forthcoming sophomore album, Stay Surprising: Live at The Side Door:
Passed 30,000 streams in first 2 weeks of release.


Yanagisawa artist Mark Gross is releasing his new CD "Mark Gross + STRINGS" (Label: MGQ RECORDS) on the April 6, 2018.
It is available on Amazon or iTunes also.
Check it out!

Click here to read an interview about this CD project.


Mike Casey has been added to Yanagisawa artist!


Yanagisawa artist Mr. Mel Martin has passed away on the November 16, 2017.
He loved very much our products for a long time, and advised some improvement points for our saxophones.
We Yanagisawa team tremendous appreciate his effort to propagated Yanagisawa saxophones as an ambassador for a long time.

We sincerely hope he will rest in peace and his family will overcome this sorrow.


A Spanish artist David Pons has been added to Yanagisawa artist!


A saxophonist from Latvia, Janis Danevics has been added to Yanagisawa artist page.


Yanagisawa artist Steve Slagle has released his new album "ALTO MANHATTAN".
He plays A-WO10 in the album that reached top 4 on a chart on JazzWeek in January.

Check it out!


Klaus Gesing has been added to Yanagisawa artist!


Yanagisawa Artist, J.D. Allen has provided a new photo (Photographer: Erika Nj Allen) playing the T-WO10 w/WO1 neck.
J.D. is really enjoying the horn!


Yanagisawa artist in the UK, Jess Gillam has released her new video “THE SKY’S THE LIMIT” This piece was written by Barbara Thompson for Jess.

Also Jess won the final of the BBC Young Musician Woodwind of the Year 2016! Check it out!


Yanagisawa artist JD Allen released his new album "AMERICANA" - Musings On Jazz And Blues from SAVANT label on May 19, 2016.
Check it out!