New Products

Evolution of the tone holes

Through repeated trials and test-play, tone-hole dimensions and locations have been redesigned to achieve the ideals in scaling and tonal color.

Evolution of the palm keys

We’ve refined the ergonomics of the left-hand palm keys. Angling the key touches more toward the bell affords more control.

Evolution of the high-G and high-F# keys

The orientation and shape of the key touches for the high-G and high-F# keys have been improved to facilitate smoother operation (on interchangeable models only).

Evolution of the low C/D# key spatulas

The right-hand key spatulas for low C and D# have been moved forward for easier reach and improved action by the little finger.

Evolution of the G hinge rod

Nickel-silver has replaced brass as the material for the G hinge rod on the upper stack. As a harder alloy, it adds strength and durability while helping the mechanism stay in good adjustment.

Evolution of the neckpiece

The neckpiece on interchangeable models is reinforced with a trapezoidal plate that delivers a nice sense of resistance with tonal colors that boast more depth.

※The GP models have the same engraving design.




※The GP models have the same engraving design.

New Soprano Case for WO series

Our WO-series sopranos include a new case that can also be shouldered like a backpack. Each case sports a convenient accessory pocket.