YANAGISAWA Soprano Saxophone


Our top brass model, admired for its solid record of reliability and refinements of core features.

Elite model:
Equipped with new necks (in both of curved and straight designs) that offer an improved playing experience with tonal stability, this instrument deliver a more focused tonal core with just the right balance of resistance.

s-wo10c_01 S-WO10 S-WO10

S-WO10 Gold-lacquer finish

S-WO10 S Silver-plated finish

Made to order

S-WO10 GP Gold-plated finish

Made to order, custom-engraved


■Key: Bb ■High-G key ■Body tubing: Brass
■ Two gold-lacquered necks included
■Engraved ■Case included
■Ebonite mouthpiece (standard equipment)

Fluororesin-sleeved octave rocker

Lost motion is eliminated and smooth octave-key action is ensured by rounding the octave rocker ends and Fluororesin-coating the receiving sleeves they contact.

C#-Bb table key linkages

The seesaw linkage between the C# and Bb table keys facilitates faster, smoother fingering technique.

C#-B table key linkages

The additional slider mechanism between the C# and B table keys is a proprietary Yanagisawa design that allows smoother finger transitions between these notes.

Genuine mother-of-pearl touches

Indented mother-of-pearl key touches are attractive, afford the fingertips a more natural fit and feel, and are less slippery than plastic touches when wet.

Metal thumb hook & rest

Designed to make minimal point contact with the body, the thumb hook enables the instrument to resonate more freely while the brass thumb rest allows for smoother response and improved tonal balance.

Pointed pivot screws

For the utmost in precision and reliability, pointed pivot screws ensure that center arms or hinge rods are an exact fit.

Sealed, waterproof pads

Airtight pads facilitate balanced, leak-free play while quality waterproofing extends pad service life.

Needle springs

Blued-steel needle springs are more elastic than the stainless-steel variety, offer faster action and render a better command of difficult passages.