Joppe Bestevaar

Joppe 0720 - 6962 Joppe z_w

EquipmentB-992, T-WO2 w/neck TW3

°1985, Wilrijk (Antwerp-Belgium)

Joppe took his first steps on the saxophone with Monique Vermeulen in Hemiksem (Belgium), at the age of 8.
Later on, Bart Defoort (De Kunsthumaniora, Antwerp) and Frank Vaganée (Lemmensinstituut, Leuven) taught him how they did it, showing their ins and outs of taming the saxophone and improvising Jazz music.
Ron Van Rossum, Bart Van Caenegem, Pierre Van Dormael, Nic Thys and Dré Pallemaerts also shared their insights and experiences about Jazz and music in general.
Frank Nuyts and Bert Joris guided Joppe in composing, arranging and orchestration.

Bandleader of Black Mango and Hot Feet Collective. Part of the rock band Camp Rebecca. Playing with Lukas Somers band ‘Solak’ and The Bravo Big Band. Sideman for Rebirth::Collective, Ella Ray, Lara Rosseel Group, 8 O’Clock Shadows.
Playing and recording since 2008 with the iconic Dutch band ‘Normaal’. Subbing for Bo Van Der Werf at the Brussels Jazz Orchestra.

Former conductor of ‘The Funky Fabolishes Fabota Family’, an initiative from the Fabota organisation of Leuven, wich was awarded the ‘CERA Youth Wellbeing Award 2015’.

Joppe teaches saxophone, ensemble, composing and Sound art at the Academy of Music, Dance and Drama in Geel and Hemiksem.

Joppe is a proud endorser of Yanagisawa saxophones (B-992 & TWO2/Sterling Silver neck, Yani BooStar)