JaeMoon Choi

Jae-Moon Choi

EquipmentS-WO37, A-992PGP, T-WO10, B-WO20

JaeMoon Choi is from Daejeon Metropolitan City, Korea. He received his bachelor’s degree at the Wind and String Instruments department of Mokwon University and then he finished his master’s degree from the Yousei University. He completed University Europeenne Szsophone (Gap, France) in 2015 and the same year he was appointed as the Summer Artist from Daejeon Arts Center.

He was won a prize at the KOOKMIN-ILBO Chamber Music Competition and actively involved as a guest saxophonist from well recognized Korean Orchestras such as and including Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra, Korean Symphony, Bucheon Philharmonic Orchestra, Suwon Philharmonic Orchestra, Daejeon Philharmonic Orchestra, Chungbook Philharmonic Orchestra and Ditto Saxophone.

He is also actively performed with the National Chorus of Korea, Andiemusik Philharmonic, Daejeon Festival Wind Orchestra, Siheong Philharmonic Orchestra, Yangjoo Wind Orchestra and Silvia Saxophone Quartet and he continues.

His passion for saxophone is also seen his teaching for next saxophonist at Mokwon University, Chungju University, Chonnam National University and also at the academy of continuing educations at various universities such as Mokwon University, Woosong University and Baejae University.

He also enthusiastically continues his performances as M&M Saxophone Quartet leader, member of Yonsei Saxophone Ensemble, the member of Momentum Saxophone Quartet and his solo recitals.