Ricardo Figueira


EquipmentA-991, A-992, S-992, B-992

The saxophonist Ricardo Figueira studied at the “Vicente Ascone” Municipal School of Music in Montevideo and in the University School of Music. His teachers were Jorge Bingert, Santiago Gutierrez, Edgardo D’Andrea y Esteban Falconi. He continued his studies in Buenos Aires (Argentina) with the teachers Hugo Pierre, Maria Noel Luzardo and the dutchman Frido Ter Beek. He has participated in master classes dictated by the teachers Preston Duncan (USA), Anna Wytko (USA), Marie-Bernardette Charrier (France) and Carl-Emmanuel Fisbach (France) among others. Ricardo Figueira integrates the Symphony Band of Montevideo as a tenor saxophonist and he is in the Orchestra of the University of work. Also, he has presented himself as a soloist with the Symphonic Orchestra of Sodre and the Philharmonic Orchestra of Montevideo on several occasions. He is currently Professor of the Lecture of Saxophone at the University School of Music in the University of the Republic. In 2016 he won the Vicente Ascone prize in the 75º Annivesary Contest from the “Vicente Ascone” School of Music which allowed him to present as a soloist with the Symphonic of Montevideo. As a member of the quartet of saxophones “SP4” he has performed in many national and international festivals. He works with AUDEM (Uruguayan Assosiation of Musicians) as an artistic advisor in the organization of Latin America Saxophones Congress (ALASAX) which is going to take place next month in September 2019 in Montevideo, Uruguay. Founder of the Saxophone Orchestra of Montevideo. He was appointed in 2016 artist Eugene Rousseau in Uruguay.