Matt Telfer

Matt Telfer 2

EquipmentA-992UL, T-992UL, S-901

Fed up with his 9 - 5 life, Matt picked up his first saxophone aged 19 and would spend every free moment teaching himself how to play by listening to old jazz records. He learnt his trade when he joined a horn section in a touring Soul Band.

Known for his incredible tone and fluid colourful improvisations, Matt Telfer creates a story within each solo. The language and phrasing in Matt's playing also pays homage to the jazz masters with distinct references to Dexter Gordan and Stan Getz evident in his playing.

Matt has worked with Yanagisawa Saxophones in the UK for a number of years a highly respected clinician and demonstrator. Matt has also acted as promoter and leader of both the London Pizza Express Yanagiasawa Jazz Jam and the monthly Vandoren Vando jams at the Spice of Life, Soho. He has worked with many great artists such as Tony Bennet, Rick Braun, Chuck Leob, Derek Nash, Dave O'Higgins, and Jim Snidero.

Matt plays Yanagisawa A992U, T992U and a S901.
Facebook: matt.telfer.7 / Twitter: @MattTelfer