Michihiro Kobayashi

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EquipmentA-992, B-9930BSB

Kobayashi hails from Hotakamachi (now Azumi City) in Nagano Prefecture. He took up the saxophone in middle school and began serious studies of the instrument under Teiji Iijima and Keiji Munesada during his high school years. Kobayashi is a Kunitachi College of Music graduate and has also completed the Music and Media Arts Shobi diploma course. He currently lives in Nagano Prefecture.

Kobayashi is involved in diverse forms of music performance but also is engaged as an educator, offering wind instrument instruction and lessons through public schools and music schools within and outside Nagano Prefecture. He also offers instruction to aspiring saxophonists of all levels.

Kobayashi is a member of the TAD Wind Symphony and serves as a part-time instructor for Saku Chosei Junior and Senior High School.

He has studied saxophone and chamber music under Keiji Shimoji, Yuji Ishiwata and Yoshiyuki and Mariko Hattori, and has participated in master classes given by Jean-Marie Londeix.