These structural elements transmit the reed's vibrations directly to the player, contribute to a pleasurable, easy-blowing experience,
and help produce a voice of exceptional resonance and core with expansive dynamic range and a rich tonal palette.

Roots of the “Yany SIXS” name

We've christened our new ligature the "Yany SIXS."
"Yany" is from our popular nickname, while "SIXS" is a coined word derives from the six spaces established between the mouthpiece and reed.
This “Six Spaces” is the secret behind the appealing tonal qualities this new ligature affords.



Brass Discs

These small discs play a core role in transmitting the reed's vibrations to the ligature. Their contact surfaces are rounded, enabling the ligature to hold the reed more firmly, regardless of mouthpiece shape.

Ebonite Spacers

We have achieved optimal spacer hardness by carefully selecting Ebonite blends compatible with mouthpiece materials and maintaining total control over the duration and temperature of the vulcanization process.


The ligature body has the strength to maintain the spaces between the six radial contact points around the mouthpiece body and the thickness to ensure the freedom and transmission of reed vibrations possible with this design.


We chose a screw with enough mass to fully unleash all the power in the Yany SIXS.

Renewed dedicated cap and new drawstring bag for Yany SIXS are attached.

This cap reflects environmental considerations aimed at reducing plastic content. Because the materials used in its manufacture are a blend of 51 percent paper powder and 49 percent polypropylene, it is actually classified as a paper product.


・Check fitment before purchase.
・Avoid dropping and over-tightening.
・A severe impact may dislodge the ligature's spacers.
・Tarnishing may occur depending on environment.

Photo by : KoZy Kumagai
Instagram : KoZy Kumagai Instagram